There’s a lot going on with me right now, and that’s partly impressive, but also a little frightening. Even though the Commander series hasn’t yet found its way into the English-speaking market, the third part is very successful in Germany. Of course, I’m very happy about that. For the second month in a row, I got an Amazon AllStar bonus, and Synthium was decorated with the prestigious Bestseller sticker for almost a week. I am incredibly proud and grateful that I can please people with my work.

Good reviews, now over 500 Instagram followers and also a bit of growth on Facebook. In all areas, my brand is growing and in November, I hope to release part 4 of the Commander series and finish the series for the time being. But don’t worry: I’ve already prepared new stuff. The revision of my two debut works is well advanced and the first part will also be published at the beginning of 2020 at the latest. I will try my hand at a new cover designer – I am already curious to see how she will portray Hanzo Talar.

While the Commander 3 is still celebrating its success in the foreground and the first readers are looking forward to the final, I have reached a new milestone today. I’ve started working on my latest project. The Commander and also the two early works were already planned or finished in their basic structure when I decided to officially be an author. That was a lot of work, but not so much creativity, because most of it was already there.

Ab heute geht es an neue Projekte, die das Universum der Omni Legends erst richtig vereinen. Es wird zwar noch dauern, bis ihr diese Titel lesen könnt, aber ihr könnt euch schonmal auf eine faszinierende Welt voller Magie und Geheimnisse freuen!