A lot has happened since the last entry. Hazkan was released a month ago and did very well in the German market. So far, there were only very positive reviews for the final of the four-part Commander series. The cliffhanger is a bit mean when you consider that this series will be continued later, but in the meantime, other exciting adventures are waiting for my fans.

Due to a lack of experience, I turned to an American marketing agency to make my books better known there as well. Unfortunately, my translation is already pretty good, but not perfect and not yet ideal for the US audience. That’s why I’ve now decided to order professional editing service for the first time – starting with the first part of the Commander series. Until this process is completed, I have taken down all English titles of mine. They will reappear one by one within the next year.

The agency referred me to a team of excellent editors and experts who will not only edit my work but will also give me a kind of “master class” in novel writing so that I can incorporate the knowledge I have learned into future German works as well.

This decision was difficult for me for several reasons. On the one hand, it is never easy to admit that one’s own book, however proud one may be, does not meet the requirements. In addition, I am now paying experts to criticize me professionally. The whole thing costs a lot of money and involves a lot of work. I will again invest a lot of time and energy in a project that was actually already completed for me.

On the other hand, however, there is also the prospect of success in the USA and worldwide, the world’s largest book market. With the help of the agency and a well-prepared title, I can possibly achieve successes that I could not even imagine today. If that really works, I will publish the rest of the series and all subsequent books this way. In Germany, however, everything remains as it is. Although new works will benefit from my newly acquired knowledge, the works already available received many good reviews, so I see no acute need for action.

Despite the prospects, I have a very good feeling about this step. Sometimes you have to take a chance to win something. It’s my dream to be on the big world stage. This opportunity gives me a chance to do just that. I am already very excited!