Yesterday evening, ironically on Friday the 13th, I finally published the second part of the Commander series in English. As usual, the print version is a bit behind, because my cover designer always needs a bit longer. At least the sequel is now available all over the world and I’m catching up. In the future, I will try to publish both language versions as simultaneously as possible.

Since I’m not a “normal” author who finishes a work and then devotes himself to the next book, I’m not working on part 3 of the series, but on part 2 of the series after next, correcting the part before that and translating Commander 4 and then part 1 of the next series. 😀

I like to be prepared and I like to publish whenever I feel like it. I also work with a cover designer from Asia, who makes excellent covers, but always has quite long reaction times for corrections and formatting, so in the meantime, I focus on other projects.

This is only an advantage for my readers though because I am always two titles ahead and hopefully there will never be a gap that I do not intentionally leave. At some point, I might post a photo of my overall strategy! I don’t expect anyone to read all 30+ books and finish the overall story arch, but who knows?

In the upcoming weeks, I will test a few US advertising options and see if I can find access to the American book market. Keep your fingers crossed for me and don’t worry: I’ll try to release the Commander 3 in a few weeks, so no one is left out in the cold. Be curious!