A few days ago I finished the English translation of the third part of the Commander. Although not even the second part is published in English yet, I like to be ahead of schedule. As usual, the release is only waiting for the cover, which is a constant bottleneck for me. Probably there aren’t many authors who are 5 books ahead being ready for publication.

Meanwhile, I have begun to divide and revise the second part of the German Raider’s Chronicles so that “The Heritage” can be republished and released into the world in the coming months also in English. As I go through the chapters again, I really have to say that I’ve done particularly well with this one. I enjoy reading it myself!

Besides, the first two parts of the Commander remain at the top of the Kindle Sci-Fi charts on the German market, at least in the three categories I rank for. Again and again, I get into the Top-500 or even better with “Downfall” and the positive reviews flutter into the house repeatedly.

Yesterday I made another breakthrough and wrote the rough script for the next, completely new project. It will be continuously extended, but the basic framework is in place! I don’t want to reveal too much, but magical worlds are coming towards you. Currently, the project runs under the pseudonym “Ganomed”, but I already know the title that will join the Omni Legends series next year!

But now I’m going to New York City, where I’ll have a little well-deserved rest. But you’ll see on Instagram and Facebook what crazy ideas my new marketing boss Anna had even for this trip. This will be good!