As the brother of Kendor and heir of Khanir, youth was not easy for Amaru. His brother was always better than him and even if he wanted to help him, there were tensions between them for a long time. One day, however, the black tiger discovered his talents. He could organize well, had leadership qualities and charisma. He had an understanding of politics, economics, and intergalactic relations. Although he had to be trained as a war monk for traditional reasons, he chose the position of head of the Ghost Unit instead.

Amaru reshaped the former Karvazhi order and organized it into squads. He worked personally with Richard Sanders and since both he and Khanir had come into contact with ancient ruins and strange artifacts, the subject fascinated him. Investigations revealed evidence of a threat of unknown magnitude that can only be stopped by a few individuals. People whose abilities were considerable. Therefore, Richard and he convinced his son Magnus to prepare his offspring for such a danger.

After having strongly influenced Carter’s career, he brought him to the Ghost Unit. As expected, he fought excellently, but before they could turn to the unknown danger, the war had to end. Amaru steered the missions but tried in vain to protect Carter from risks. Since the young soldier had ended the war, he appointed him Commander following the victory over the Lorgans.

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