Categorie: Post-Garden Planet
Position: Aster-System
Sector: Aeon-Width

In the native language, the name roughly means “holy root”. It is the original birthplace of the T’zun. It is already many millions of years old. In their early years, they exploited the planet so much that the ecosystem collapsed. A subsequent civil war devastated the last remnants. The legendary Khanir led his people to the neighboring planet Dao Prime to create a better home and reform his people.

Today, Basura’Tanoh is home to only a few million T’zun in sheltered facilities, but most of the planet is no longer viable. In a few centuries, it will no longer be possible to maintain settlements there. The surface is characterized by dense jungle and increasingly aggressive flora and fauna, which gradually reclaim the planet.

The Commander, Roderick, the Bloodhounds, and the reconnaissance troops searched the villages of the planet for the master thief Longpaw before Carter arrested her in a swamp.

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