This famous battle of the Lorgan War was the most violent in the history of the four sectors. The Initiative had learned of a satellite system on the planet Igo that could spy on its communication. To compensate for this disadvantage, Salvani expert Kwax was to set up an outpost on Filos.

But there were dozens of Lorgan underground training camps and the plan failed. Therefore, the Initiative fleet attacked Igo but was expected there by a defensive fleet. While the space battle raged, the Phantom Squad of the Ghost Unit was supposed to infiltrate Porr and free Kwax from the clutches of General Krant. However, they were caught and imprisoned as well.

The countermeasures were planned for a whole week. The adventurer Vance was sent to free the prisoners while the ground troops of the Initiative attacked Porr. While the Krodaa distracted the leading members of the enemy on Filos, a coordinated attack also began at the Krant-3 Facility and Filos, cutting off Igo’s supply of new troops.

The Commander and Kendor Khan defeated the two leaders of the Lorgans and they fled to the Interceptor above Igo. While Porr and Filos had almost fallen, the Chief, Roderick Tindall, got into trouble in the orbit over Igo. The Commander manned a Blackjet and launched a counterattack on his own, motivating the Initiative’s pilots and changing the situation. Together, the two could clear the way for the heavy cannons of the warships with the infiltration of some battleships with a technique known as “Utopia Tactics”.

At that moment, the Commander’s fighter was destroyed and he crushed ten Gumai fighters with only one pistol and his RPM upgrade, making him a legend. The Renegade came and paved the way for victory. However, when the Lorgan’s red weapon ships appeared and destroyed several of the fleet’s important ships, the Initiative had to retreat and accept defeat.

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