The long-time captain of the Interceptor and leader of the best unit of hunters, the Bloodhounds, was an extremely muscular and even more scarred fellow of Russian descent. He was distinguished by his brutality and lack of sensitivity. He took over Carter Sanders from Captain Tamara Sutherland and tested his skills. They hunted the infamous Mist Devil, first on Sandabar Neh and then to the orbit of Kauli.

There he was ready to sacrifice all the pirate’s hostages to capture the criminal, but Carter resisted, causing him to escape. In the following months, Sevchenko tried to bring the young public hero back to reality. After the arrest of Longpaw and the death of Kelly Richards, Carter lost his moral strength and became the perfect soldier. Together with Roderick Tindall, he could not be stopped, which is why Sevchenko recommended the two without hesitation for service in a special unit.

Later, the Whisperer paid him to testify against Carter in court. Less than a year later, Sevchenko was killed in action.

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