Name: Carter Slade Sanders
Title: The Commander, Guardian of Utopia, Hero of the Lorgan War,
Species: Human
Height: 1,85 m
Eye Color: Green (Ocular Upgrade)
Hair: Black
Special Features: Scar above the right eye
Important Objects: Kravan-Fang
Special Skills: Military training, improvisation, tactical skills, leadership skills, retro weapon knowledge, modern upgrades (strength, endurance, HUD), Martial Arts of the T’zun War Monks,
Weapons: Richard Sanders’ Pistol, Storm, Specialized Weapons
Profession: Special Forces (PSU), Member of the Phantom Squad (Ghost Unit)

Carter is the son of the famous synthium pioneer Magnus Sanders of Utopia and grandson of military legend Richard Sanders. He grew up in prosperity and enjoyed the benefits of private instruction and leisure. He was an educated, athletic man from an early age, whose greatest hobbies were Parcours, retro weapons and video games. He was drafted into military service at the age of 18 and came to Osilon, where he completed his basic training in the following two years. He made friends with Leena Whittaker and Roderick Tindall and entered into a romantic relationship with Kelly Richards. During his training, he quickly showed a talent for weaponry, sport, and leadership. His improvisation skills enabled him to master most training missions, including Nirvana and Punikah, in an impressive manner.

When the forced modification wave began after the defeat against the Lorgans on Zulath, he was comprehensively modified with upgrades. His strength, stamina, and eyes were optimized, giving him tremendous abilities. During the attack on the warship Homebase in the orbit of Utopia by the Lorgans, Carter led six of his comrades onto the enemy’s battleship against their orders. They infiltrated the ship and succeeded in destroying it and saving Utopia, despite all odds. This achievement earned him the honorary title “Guardian of Utopia”.

When his third year of training began, he decided to join the reconnaissance team to explore the galaxy. Together with Rod, he came to the Barackus, a ship under Captain Tamara Sutherland. There he experienced his first two missions outside the Zelot-System on Darkfall and Nagakira. Carter’s outstanding performance led to a transfer to a unit of hunters called “Bloodhounds”. Under Captain Andrey Sevchenko, he accompanied the hunt for the infamous pirate called the Mist Devil. Carter was to blame for his escape and had to endure extensive punishment for a long time. Weeks later, he was assigned to a unified mission of reconnaissance and hunters, whose goal was to capture the intergalactic T’zun master thief Longpaw on Basura’Tanoh.

After Kelly was killed during a space mission, Carter fell into a hole. He lost his will to do the right thing and, together with Rod, gained an impressive reputation as an efficient soldier. When the two decided to commit before the end of their training, the Guardian of Utopia was assigned to the PSU, the most starry rise in military history.

The PSU gave him the RPM upgrade and the best equipment as well as his new comrades Samantha Banes and Ken Chow. Together, they completed various dangerous and risky missions across the galaxy. After Carter’s father Magnus was killed and he blamed the leader of the PSU, the Whisperer, he resisted his shady orders several times. During the hunt for the renegade scientist Nidor, who knew the reason for the Lorganan War, which could change its course lastingly, Carter disobeyed his order once again and was arrested. He was then sentenced a traitor and locked up in the Crimson Void, where he was to rot for the rest of his life.

After spending a whole year in the Crimson Void, he was taken to Dao Prime by Miles Daniels, where he learned the ways of the war monks in the following two years. He then joined the Ghost Unit to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. But before that, the war with the Lorgans had to end. Together with his friend and mentor Kendor, he joined the Phantom Squad under Commander Daniels.

First, the team traveled to Utopia Beta to end the impending civil war and take down the Whisperer. Afterward, it took half a year until Carter was legally rehabilitated and recognized as a hero of the people again. In the following missions, he had to face the Mist Devil again and he discovered clues to the origin of the red weapon technology of the Lorgans. During a covert rescue mission on the planet Porr, they were captured and tortured, costing Miles his life. The mission resulted in the Battle of the Three Worlds, in which Carter unintentionally took part to save Rod.

The many casualties and setbacks were deeply troubling him so that Kendor took him to the pilgrimage of Khanir so that he could find himself. When Amaru Khan sent him on a reconnaissance mission under Commander Cindy Taylor despite the threat to Earth, Carter was very unhappy. The journey turned out to be a death trap, however, as they were confronted with a Hazkan, a myth from bygone times. They escaped only barely. When Earth’s distress call came, the Phantom Squad hurried there and turned the tide in the space battle. During the subsequent battles in Athens, he and his comrades managed to stop the Lorgans long enough to ensure victory for the Initiative. The prize, however, was the loss of his arms. In recognition of his achievements, Amaru officially appointed him Commander.

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