A variant of the Syntech Special Operations armor for the PSU further developed by Kalohi. The surface is smooth and close-fitting. The chest, arm and leg guards are made up of large armor pieces, while the rest is made up of metal rings that allow flexible movement. The whole piece is dark gray with red accents. The helmet is a full visor helmet, which is for the most part round and smooth, but nevertheless replicates the head form. From the outside, the HUD looks like two slanted eye lamps.

On the back there is a magnetic holder for a rifle, next to it, there is a modern quiver with several arrows. A multi-bar with a grappling hook is also integrated on the left arm. Boots, arm bracers and chest chassis must be put on, the rest unfolds automatically and connects to a complete armor. This is intended to ensure quicker assembly. A jetpack is also integrated.

Carter received this armor when he officially joined the Ghost Unit. It served him well on several risky missions until it was severely damaged during the Battle of Athens.

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