After the humans had settled Utopia, it was hardly possible for them to exchange information quickly and reliably. A concept like the local Internet of Earth could not be copied so quickly and easily.

When they met the Salvani, one of the first technologies they shared with mankind was the ZigNet. It was a more modern form of digital network that could be received in the four known sectors and beyond. It was the fastest existing data network in the galaxy and became the central communications technology of the Initiative. Unfortunately, there were not enough resources at the time to imitate the technology. For this reason, the Salvani helped the humans to put a more limited and outdated version into operation.

It was an interstellar distance communication similar to the Internet, which could be set up with human hardware. It is many times faster than the Internet, but due to the enormous transmission distances, it often appears slower. This ComNet was still centuries more modern than anything that humans themselves had achieved, despite the fact that the Salvani considered this technology to be outdated. Today, the expanded ComNet serves as a purely human galactic Internet, to which Earth is also connected. Of course, there is also an illegal network called the DarkNet.

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