Categorie: Garden World
Position: Aster-System
Sector: Aeon-Width

Seen from the outside, the T’zun homeworld looks golden, but the closer one gets, the more green and white parts can be seen. The planet does not have any seas, but only millions of big lakes, which are located in the jungle areas and savannahs. There are three climate zones: hot and humid jungle, dry, hot savannah and cold mountains. But not every mountain is cold.

In the jungle area, there are many mountains as well, but they are very pointed. The T’zun have villages those areas. They build them from bamboo wood and often they build them high up in the trees. The people who live there are more traditionally minded. The savannah inhabitants also like to build wooden huts, but the technology portion is much higher there. And in the mountains, they use caves or high-tech building complexes. But there are also old temples.

The most modern settlements are located on the rocky plateaus above the jungle. Those are the most advanced facilities on the planet. The T’zun know better than any other people how to combine ancient architecture with modern construction. Their architectural style was a decisive influence on Asian culture on Earth.

Every metropolis on the planet is unique and full of lifebots, while the rural areas are more traditional. The most famous places on Dao Prime are the capital Kharambit, the old capital Karoha and the city of the war monks, Shamalyiah.

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