Name: Davos Ryder
Title: The Mist Devil
Species: Krodaa
Height: 1,81 m
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair: Black
Special Features: Black tattoos on chest, back and arms, no wings, no devil’s tail, humanoid legs
Important Objects: None
Special Skills: Far-traveled, cunning, without morals, uses every opportunity, leadership, charisma, ingenuity
Weapons: Two pistols, Grappling Hook
Profession: Space Pirate, Leader of the Greyhounds

Davos grew up in poverty on Sandabar Neh like many other young Krodaa. Without prospects, he slipped deeper and deeper into crime and worked as a thug or helper for gangster bosses. One day he decided to start his own gang, stole a spaceship and gathered some of his friends. He came up with the risky but lucrative business idea of attacking traveling civilian ships in space nebulae where the instruments of many ships didn’t work properly. With this tactic, his gang quickly became very rich.

However, this also had the consequence that many pirate hunters and law enforcers became aware of him. So he got used to changing his ships often and spending most of his time in space. When the Bloodhounds picked up his trail on Sandabar Neh, it was not his first encounter with Captain Andrej Sevchenko, whose eye he had hit years before with a pistol. He prepared a trap and waited for it to snap, but young Carter Sanders stopped his plan by acting unexpectedly and disobeying his orders. Nevertheless, Davos managed to stop the boy and disappear before he was caught.

In the course of the following months, the increased military presence due to the war ensured that the Greyhounds could hardly operate safely in the areas of the Initiative. Therefore, they moved to the Utbikh-Cluster and settled on the mercenary world of Sopa-Kul. His reputation and cunning enabled Davos to take over a long-established gang and strengthen his own. He conquered a fortress there and became the head of the most feared criminals in the sector.

He learned of a planned theft of valuable weapons plans by a young Krodaa and abducted her on her flight. He held her captive for several weeks to get the plans, but she did not tell him where she had hidden them. At some point, Carter Sanders showed up and wanted to join his gang. Davos immediately sensed a trap, but also saw the opportunity. He could find the plans and lock Carter up, but the other gangs attacked his fortress. Davos was again forced to flee from the Commander.

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