Categorie: Garden World
Position: Solar System
Sector: Nekon-Traverse

The homeworld of humans, the youngest species in the four known sectors of the galaxy. Although it was discovered early by other peoples whose influences are recognizable in human cultures, Earth only became better known after the expansion to Utopia Beta was completed. The world has the greatest biodiversity of all known systems, making it a popular travel destination for most aliens.

Earth had suffered from enormous overpopulation and, after discovering a potentially life-friendly planet in a nearby system, had sent some huge spaceships full of colonists to reduce the number of people on Earth. This stabilized the situation until Utopia Beta was established as the second human world. It really stabilized after the following emigration waves.

Earth has a single, global government, yet it continues to cling to nations and borders. Most religions exist only as small marginal groups and cultures are gradually dissolving in the melting pot. The eternal struggle between politics, economics, and social affairs is the reason for continuing tensions. Tradition and old values cannot be discarded very easily.

The Initiative’s technology helps protect Earth’s ecosphere from pollution and halt global warming.

Earth suffered great damage when the final battle of the Lorgan War took place there. Many cities were devastated or completely destroyed. Since then, the wrecks of hundreds of ships have been floating in the orbit. In Athens, there is now a statue of the Commander next to the statue of Athena to honor him for his heroic deeds.

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