Name: Rukhurta
Title: Major, Exo-Shane
Species: Lorgan
Height: 2,35 m
Eye Color: Orange
Scales: Bright red, frilled neck
Special Features: Very muscular, high aggressiveness, berserk, coarse, lower part of a human exoskeleton on the legs
Special Skills: Enormous physical strength, strong will, brute force
Weapons: Heavy Weapons
Profession: Soldier

Rukhurta is a typical Lorgan: Too much energy, high willingness to violence and little patience. Like all others of his kind, he was brought into the military as a teenager, where he learned to steer his innate instincts in the right direction through discipline. After long years of routine work, he was promoted to Major. The leadership of the attack on Utopia was to be the highlight of his career, but he was stopped by Carter Sanders and his comrades. The fight and the subsequent explosion crippled his legs and he suffered severe burns.

He was able to save himself in a small chamber that survived the explosion and drifted in the orbit of Utopia as a debris part. He had to starve there for several weeks and survive in the cold until a worker named Shane opened the outer wall to look inside. Rukhurta killed him and used the leg parts of his exoskeleton to walk. He had memorized the faces of the recruits who had done this to him and he vowed revenge. After an attack on Leena Whittaker at the Homebase, he returned to his people.

He had been demoted and had to earn his place again. He led several attacks in space against human ships, killing Kelly Richards and Urma Bolly, both of whom he did not kill himself, but only learned of later. He tracked down Carter Sanders on Haizo, but couldn’t kill him because of the guards, so he retreated for the time being.

He earned back the respect of his people in countless missions and again achieved the rank of Major, as well as the trust of his mentor, General Krant. One day, he led the attack on a group of the Initiative that tried to set up an outpost on Filos. While coordinating the blockade of Igo and questioning the prisoners, Krant brought a surprise when he caught Carter Sanders and three of his comrades.

Rukhurta personally dedicated himself to the torture and savored it by inflicting pain on his archenemy. When the Initiative attacked the facility and the prisoners fled, he faced Carter in a duel. The fight was fierce, but he was defeated again and had to live with the shame once more. Since Carter was also respected by his people as a warrior, the effects were less severe this time.

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