Categorie: Sand Planet
Position: Nakah-System
Sector: Utbikh-Cluster

A world full of sand and canyons with weak flora and little fauna. It is the main training center of the Lorgan military, but they built most of their facilities underground to escape the sand. The best-known facility is the above-ground Krant-3 Facility, where the elite lizard soldiers are trained.

Filos was the main site of the ground war of the Battle of Three Worlds. The Initiative wanted to set up an outpost because there was no Lorgan presence, but it was only underground. The leader of the mission, the Salvani expert Kwax, was captured and taken to the Krant-3 Facility. The Phantom Squad was also transferred there after being captured on Porr. They were tortured and interrogated there by Exo-Shane and General Krant.

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