Type: Black Market
Position: Haizo

Garbag’s Nest, founded by a lorgan smuggler named Garbag, is located in the southern hemisphere of Haizo. A huge hole in the shape of a cylinder was carved into the rock centuries ago during the first wave of Pintan emigration but then abandoned in favor of Kusaron in the north. Garbag recognized the benefits of this place and made it the most famous black market of the four sectors.

The entire void is completely filled. Many hundreds of buildings are spread all over the place. Some have been anchored in the rock at the edge of the pit, others are part of a steel beam grid that fills the entire cavity, and others simply float in small open spaces without any anchoring. Between the houses, there are thousands of metal walkways, bridges, and beams that support the complex structure everywhere. This is only possible thanks to the Sogates, ultra-modern extraction systems that permanently suck in the fog of the planet in this area and distribute it outside the zone.

Everything is represented in this place: Humans, Pintans, T’zun, Krodaa, Salvani, Lorgans, Gumai, and even Vindurans. One can get everything the galaxy has to offer there if one has the necessary cash. Security is high, so despite the second-highest density of criminal records, there are virtually no crimes. Trade is the only business that is allowed there.

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