Name: Harvey Dukes
Title: General
Species: Human
Height: 1,89 m
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Gray
Special Features: Scars in the face, trimmed full beard, deep voice, needs a walking stick (war injury)
Special Skills: Intelligent, Strategic Skill, Leadership Strength
Profession: Supreme Leader of the Military of Utopia, Government Presidency

General Dukes is a highly decorated veteran of the Utopia military. He served for many years as a scout and explored distant planets. His experience allowed him to rise in rank until he survived a ship crash and was no longer physically fit for battle. He moved to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and eventually rose to General.

Dukes has the ultimate goal of bringing peace to Utopia. However, he sees welfare states and democracy as weaknesses that have turned Earth into an incapable pile of quacks. He relies on experience and good advice but then acts rigorously. He holds the people’s highest respect.

After the Lorgan attack on Utopia, the General awarded Carter Sanders and his comrades for their achievements.

After Carter was prosecuted as a traitor, Utopia Beta fell further and further into inner unrest and conflicts. The military was busy with the war and Dukes did not have the political power to appease the rebels. His rival Ronson Glades was the biggest voice of the opposition. A civil war seemed inevitable, but then the Phantom Squad came and arrested Glades. They helped the General expose him as the Whisperer and uncover his machinations so that the situation could stabilize.

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