The best special unit of the Initiative and the four sectors. It was originally founded out of the Karvazhi, a special unit of the war monks, to track down ancient relics and sites of great power, as Khanir once did. Over time, it has evolved into a modern, militarily organized special force to protect the known galaxy from known and unknown dangers.

The Ghost Unit consists of the best soldiers and specialists from the best military units of all species of the Initiative and beyond. They recruit special individuals, regardless of their origin. They are divided into individual squads, teams of up to forty people serving under a Commander on a frigate and completing missions. The organization is coordinated and led by Amaru Khan.

They maintain secret bases in every sector, but the headquarters is the Tiger Refuge on Dao Prime. Since they are financed by the Initiative and private investors, they have the best equipment there is. They are involved in every conflict, but especially in active struggles such as the Lorgan War. They have been a decisive factor in the many small successes that have made victory possible.

Although Richard Sanders and Kendor Khan are among the best-known members of the unit, the most famous figure is the Commander.

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