Homeworld: Halog
Type: Amphibian/Reptiles
Life Expectancy: 70 Earth Years
Body Height: Up to 0,6 m
Blood Color: Yellow
Appearance: Gumai look like a hybrid of chameleon and toad. Their physique is delicate, with a narrow oval trunk and thin arms and legs showing slender fingers with swimming-skins. The fingers themselves are wider at the end, similar to an inverted cone, and the tips are slightly arched inwards. The comparatively thick but long neck full of gills ends in a chameleon head with two independently movable eyes and a long, sticky tongue. They also have a thin, long, rolled tail. The male representatives often have many warts on the body, the women as good as none. The men move slightly more bent as they have shorter spines than their female counterparts. In general, Gumai are only about half a meter tall.

With their fingers, they can swim fast as well as climb excellently, because the fingertips function like suction cups. In principle, Gumai are highly intelligent, upright chameleons with gills. There is no simpler way to describe them. Just like the famous Earth chameleons, Gumai can imitate the color of their surroundings, but much better than the Earth animals. Gumai are many times smarter than Lorgans, which is why they are technically more advanced. There is a long-established symbiosis between them. The Gumai develop technologies, spaceships and do most of the thinking, while the Lorgans do the heavy work and protect them.

Why the Gumai live together with the Lorgans on Halog is unknown, since they verifiably did not originate from there. They immediately joined the war of their allies against the humans. After the Destroyer War, they feared the return of the Hazkan triggered by the synthium.

They supported the Lorgans to the best of their ability and were the driving force behind the espionage actions that ultimately led to the war against the Initiative. Despite their success, they were ultimately defeated by the Commander on Earth.

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