Categorie: Rock Planet
Position: Krunos-System
Sector: Aeon-Width

Gusar was the first planet the Krodaa entered after the discovery of space travel. For them, it was one of the most beautiful places in the galaxy, and it was also full of raw materials. The small, hot rock planet was exploited by them and left neglected. A circumstance that the Lorgans abused to build a listening post there. The wasteland on the surface is the origin of the Krodaa word “gusarian”, which describes a beautiful landscape.

Leena Whittaker discovered the existence of the listening post on Gusar due to the events surrounding the hunt for the Mist Devil. Carter and the PSU tracked down the Hurrak facility there and the Krodaa fleet destroyed it. This was the trigger for the war of the Initiative against the peoples of Halog.

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