Categorie: Fog World
Position: Zido-System
Sector: Aeon-Width

Despite the mighty blue star Zido, the planet Haizo is a very dark world, which is permanently shrouded in fog. There are some fluorescent plants and some more or less dangerous animals there. The Pintans have the largest cave colony of their people in the northern hemisphere. In Kusaron there is a huge rock column that has been hollowed out and transformed into a shopping center. It is called the Kaledorum.

Haizo is probably the most famous planet of the four sectors since Garbag’s Nest is located on the southern hemisphere, the largest black market of the known galaxy. Weapons, drugs, illegal goods, everything can be bought there at the right price. Every merchant with a name has connections to Haizo. But despite the high profile, there are hardly any law enforcement officers, because an army is needed to attack the place. Since the smugglers would move their businesses to other places like Sopa-Kul in a flash, they are tolerated there, so that it is at least known where they operate.

The Commander came to Haizo more often in the course of his career, but for the first time he was there with the PSU to search for the renegade Gumai researcher Nidor.

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