Categorie: Jungle World
Position: Kachan-System
Sector: Utbikh-Cluster

The planet whose name cannot be pronounced by normal tongues and is therefore simply called Halog. The homeworld of the Lorgans and the Gumai.

Halog is a world of contrasts. It starts with the color. From space, the world seems yellowish and unfriendly. This is due to the unique gas mixture that, similar to the ozone layer of Earth, stretches around the entire planet. This layer breaks the light and creates this color. On the surface, it is predominantly bluish or green. But the contrasts go much further.

The planet is not only home to one, but two intelligent species at once. The reason for this is the different vegetation and structure on Halog. A large part of the planet is covered by water and the more intelligent Gumai have developed there. Their high-tech and modern cities were built on artificial plateaus or massive pillars above the water surface. However, these are only the cities in which they live together with the Lorgans. They have also built several impressive cities underwater, where there are extensive algae forests.

The Lorgans, however, live on the landmasses of Halog, that are characterized by dense forest and jungle areas that usually filled with or surrounded by dark, pointed rock-formations. The whole planet is extremely humid with a record high humidity. It rains there daily, but the air is still very warm due to the proximity of Halog to Kachan.

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