A three-meter high, four-legged creature with dandruff. It is green or gray, has mighty paws with seven claws, membranes in between, a thick tail with a prickly end, spikes along the back and sides. The head resembles an alligator, but with a shorter muzzle and more teeth.

Harloks are Halog’s most dangerous life form and are the Lorgans’ greatest natural enemy. These creatures are perfect hunters and true killers. Only the best warriors of the lizard tribes dare to take on these beasts. They are wild and unpredictable.

As an additional secret weapon, the Lorgans brought some of these beasts to the planet during the Invasion of Earth. During the final defensive battle on the Acropolis, one of them was released and almost killed the Commander and his comrades. Although Carter Sanders could kill the monster, he lost both arms during the battle.

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