Homeworld: Unknown
Type: Draconide
Life Expectancy: Unknown
Body Height: 6 warships up to a small planet
Blood Color: Dark Red
They have a drop-shaped torso consisting of overlapping rings of natural armor. Two strong legs and two slightly shorter arms hang from it, each ending in one foot with three claws in front and one claw at the heel. In addition, these beings have a long, thick tail, which becomes more and more filigree towards the end and continues the overlapping pattern of the torso. Two huge, thorn-studded wings at the back can shield an entire city with their range without any problems.

In addition, there is a long, smooth neck with scales on the underside. The head is that of a slender lizard, but with perfectly even armor on the upper side, which overlaps into the neck. At the side of the head, the being has thick prongs, that wander also from below up to the chin and enclose the mouth, in which two rows of massive, pointed teeth are located. The eyes glow in a piercing yellow and from the large nostrils there rises light steam even in the vacuum of space. Hazkan are completely dark gray, shiny, smooth armored and a long row of pointed teeth runs from the neck over the back along the torso to the tip of the tail.

These creatures were called “destroyers” by the ancient Gumai. Their armor consists of synthium and they communicate through strong, low-frequency sounds, which are amplified by vibration from their skin. Their dimensions vary greatly according to age and gender. They are generally not aggressive but attack anything they perceive as dangerous. They use their gigantic claws, their sharp teeth, and their poison breath, which disturbs electronics like a space nebula and corrodes organic matter.

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