Holon is a Vinduran who was born mute. As his people were striving for purity and perfection, he was rejected and abandoned at an early age. He grew up on Haizo with a technology trader and used his natural intelligence to quickly gain a reputation as an expert. However, his good-natured and gentle personality made it difficult for him to be taken seriously on the black market.

One day, he met Kalohi, who was looking for rare parts. She recognized his talent and offered him to work by her side for the Ghost Unit. He accepted gratefully and has been her constant companion and friend ever since. He has been an expert in biochemistry, cybernetics, software, and robotics for years, complementing Kalohi’s areas of expertise.

When Carter had to be equipped, he took care of the implementation of the improved upgrades, the expansions of the multitool and he used the Gumai weapon plans obtained by Nikki to build the first shiftable energy weapon in history, the Storm.

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