Member Species: T’zun, Krodaa, Pintans, Salvani, Humans
Headquarters: Harmony Station

The T’zun were asked by the Salvani for help after the Lorgan attacked the humans for the first time. They had been made aware of the problem by the Vindurans. At that time, the cat people had not yet established any relationships with humans. They helped them fend off an attack on Utopia, and then, with the Krodaa and the Pintans, they arranged the alliance known as the Initiative.

Since the Vindurans remained neutral, the Salvani were not so strong militarily, the Pintans refused, and the Krodaa were less diplomatic, the T’zun were asked to find a headquarters for the Initiative and take the lead. This is how the “Harmony Station” was created in the Aster-System.

The Initiative serves as a joint government of the four known sectors of the Omni Galaxy. It makes the most important decisions relevant to all peoples. For this reason, the Council of the Initiative consists of an equal mix of all member races.

During the Lorgan War, the Initiative lost many ships and good soldiers of all species to the red weapon ships and the enemy troops. In the end, however, they won with the help of the Commander.

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