During the basic training at Camp Osilon, Carter Sanders and his comrades had several other teachers for all kinds of subjects alongside Major Bartholomew Banes and Major Abigail Dunn.

Commander Annie Dalton (Human)

A lady in her fifties who used to be a famous scout and explored the distant angles of the unknown galaxy. Her advancing age earned her the rank of commander, but she was no longer physically fit for duty. Therefore, she was used as a theory trainer, teaching recruits the different species and planetary science, as well as history.

Jazzir (T’zun)

As part of the Initiative’s Alliance Agreements, representatives of all species were sent out to educate the youth of the human race and promote mutual tolerance. Jazzir is an envoy of the T’zun who is supposed to teach the recruits in Osilon about close combat and weight training. His tranquil and calm nature makes him the preferred trainer of many young people.

Drill Sergeant Clemm (Human)

As his rank makes clear, Clemm is a typical military drill sergeant of the humans. His task was to discipline the recruits, supervise the morning sports and clarify logistical issues concerning accommodation and food. After the Zulath disaster, Clemm was called into active service and has since served as a logistics officer on various ships.

Kova (Salvani)

Just like Jazzir, Kova was sent as part of the Initiative’s Tolerance Program to impart knowledge to human recruits. Her past as a field researcher had caused a lot of physical damage. One arm is missing and one antenna is bent irreparably. As Salvani, she has enormous technological knowledge, which is why she teaches HUDs and modern technologies.

Chief Mechanic Willis Thompson (Human)

Willis spent his whole life as a technician in the military. He is an expert on shuttles, spaceships, and tanks, as well as any other vehicle with military capabilities. A misfire followed by an explosion resulted in a bionic eye. Actually, it is an outdated ocular upgrade. His casual and relaxed manner makes him an excellent teacher.

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