The final showdown between the Initiative and the peoples of Halog took place on Earth. While the Initiative’s fleet was alerted and had formed a blockade ring around the planet, the Lorgans’ red weapon ships tore holes in the defense and brought troops to the planet’s surface.

When the damaged Renegade arrived on the scene, Chief Mechanic Nina Chevon, with the help of the Commander, was able to turn the Renegade’s main gun into a red weapon for a single shot to turn the tide. As the space battle intensified and the Vinduran war fleet emerged unexpectedly to support the Initiative, the Renegade crashed on Earth in Athens.

The fights raged in Detroit, Quebec, Houston, Sao Paolo, Brisbane, New Delhi, Cape Town, Alexandria, Beijing, Dubai, Helsinki, Frankfurt am Main and Athens. Leena Whittaker realized that the Lorgans were targeting the central transmission nodes of the ComNet. If they had destroyed them, the Initiative would have been doomed to failure without communication and coordination. The main antenna of Athens was on the Acropolis and had to be diverted to Bern.

The Commander escaped the pursuers of the enemy and gathered all his allies around him in the city: Initiative troops, Ghost Unit squads, the PSU and Delta-6 troops from Utopia. At the same time, the Chief led a small group of fighters, contrary to his orders, to keep the sky clear for them. The troops stormed the hill to the Acropolis at high losses and faced a superior force of enemies.

They had to buy time to finish the transmission. The Commander had to stop the Lorgans and defeat a wild Harlok at the same time. Although he succeeded in securing the transmission, so that the Initiative claimed victory, he was almost killed by the Harlok and lost both his arms. The Battle of Athens marked the official end of the Lorgan War.

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