AI research (artificial intelligence) is not very advanced among humans. Most of the experiments failed and the attention of the scientists was mostly distributed elsewhere. However, the military needed hundreds of analysts and computer systems and databases to process the indescribable mass of data from all over the galaxy.

For this reason, the T’zun were asked to develop a highly modern VI (virtual intelligence) that could perform these tasks. She was called Jenny so that interaction with her could take place more naturally and uninhibitedly. Jenny cannot learn or evolve on her own, but she has access to all military databases and the ComNet. So she can advise soldiers in the field and officers at the planning table in real-time, execute commands and provide information.

Although Jenny is not a real AI, the modern emotion simulation programs and the newly developed voice pitch adjustment have ensured that she is accepted by the members of the military. She serves as an intermediary between commanders and soldiers. She can control ships, start programs and hack, but only on command or based on a preset algorithm. She is the most modern computer system of mankind.

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