Categorie: Waterworld
Position: Kachan-System
Sector: Utbikh-Cluster

The world with the simple name simply means “water” in the language of the Lorgans. Due to the massive amount of water on Halog, they have never bothered to use the planet. Apart from a few small landmasses, there is nothing on the surface.

Ju is inhabited by enormous water creatures, which are intelligent but not space traveling. In addition, there is the native Jukk people, whose level of development corresponds to the Bronze Age of mankind. They are not hostile because they have no natural enemies.

In the depths of the endless sea is an ancient ruin of unknown origin, discovered by both the Gumai and the Phantom Squad. Using the drawings and technology, that is ahead of all known developments, the site points to a species that is long gone. They were once worshipped as gods and left the Book of Knowledge where the Gumai found it. Commander Miles Daniels accidentally flooded the facility.

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