The best special unit of mankind, consisting of the best members of the military from Earth and Utopia Beta. There are separate Special Commands for each specialization, such as the Aggressors (Front Soldiers), Infiltrators (Spies) or Snipex (Snipers). However, there are soldiers, especially veterans, who have experience in all areas. These come into the K-Program.

This is the specialized training program for Special Forces, the best. These people are graded according to ability and experience. Beginners coming directly from the academy or base start as K1. The best of the best, with a lot of experience and especially distinctive skills, will be honored to wear the K5 badge. This unit has access to the best equipment and the most advanced technologies. There’s nothing better than this on a regular basis. They are the best soldiers humanity has to offer.

The probably most famous member of this unit is Roderick “Rod” Tindall (The Chief). He was advanced to Aggressor during the third year of his basic training due to his achievements and his ability and came to K5 thereafter.

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