A Lioness-T’zun who has been working as an engineer for the Ghost Unit for many decades. She has red dreadlocks, various tattoos and piercings and a mechanical arm with dozens of attachments for her work. She was interested in mechanics and technology from an early age and within just a few years has become a luminary in various fields. After researching for some of the Initiative’s most prestigious universities, Amaru Khan recruited her for the Ghost Unit.

As the leading engineer, she has nearly thirty employees who put her ideas into practice. However, she only ever works with her friend and colleague Holon, whose areas of expertise complement her perfectly. She specializes in weapons technology, mechanical engineering, electronics, and physics.

She knew Richard Sanders only briefly, but worked repeatedly with Magnus Sanders, who sent her all his developments to protect them from Syntech. When Amaru told her that Carter needed the best equipment, she got excited about designing prototypes. She developed the Honorblades and Nano-Bows of the war monks, improved upgrades, and the Commander MK I Armor for him.

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