Name: Kelly Richards
Species: Human
Height: 1,75 m
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Copper Colored
Special Features: Model sizes, always cheerful and fun-loving, adorable
Special Skills: Kickboxer, graduated as a telecommunications engineer
Weapons: Various Firearms
Profession: Soldier, Technician

Kelly is the daughter of the CEO of Dimcod, a sanitary and porcelain company, and a former supermodel of Earth. Her DNA was altered before her birth so that she had the ideal female body, was intelligent and developed a stable character. Her father wanted her to be able to assert herself in life regardless of her appearance, so she learned kickboxing and studied.

She loves cars and loved living on Utopia. She didn’t notice much of the disadvantages and the questionable government. When she was drafted for military service, she wanted to do her best despite her disapproval of the war. She quickly made friends with Carter Sanders and Leena Whittaker, and after only a few months she entered into a romantic relationship with Carter.

They spent their free time together and a deep love developed between them. During the attack on Utopia by the Lorgans she stayed by his side and was honored after their victory.

The third year of her training she began with additional training in Camp Osilon, where she learned special technical basics. Afterward, she worked at various locations throughout Utopia for several months. She was transferred to a military ship stationed near the Khaki Line. The Lorgans attacked the ship and she was killed during the battle.

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