Name: Ken Chow
Title: Major
Species: Human
Height: 1,62 m
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Black
Special Features: None
Special Skills: Military training, operational experience, close combat expert, sword fighting
Weapons: Two MPs, Assault Rifle, Sword
Profession: Leader of the Special Forces (PSU)

Ken came from Earth and was promoted to Major early on. When he met his future wife, he joined the Utopia military and was accepted into the PSU. He is a smart, friendly man of Asian origin who enthusiastically gave Carter Sanders a chance when he joined the Special Forces despite his age.

During the Zith-System, Sophos and Mars missions, it quickly became clear that although Ken was in command as the senior officer, he preferred to leave the spontaneous decisions and tactics to Carter and Sam. He was loyal to the Whisperer but got doubts after the circumstances surrounding Magnus Sanders’ death raised questions. When Carter let Gumai researcher Nidor escape against the kill order, he helped Carter to calm Sam, who had more problems with it.

He continued to serve the PSU with devotion until three years later, Carter moved in with the Ghost Unit and exposed Ronson Glades as the Whisperer. After his actions became public and he was executed, Carter advised General Dukes to make Ken and Sam the new leaders of the PSU. The two reformed the unit from the ground up, and when Earth’s emergency call came in, the PSU hurried to Carter and the Athens defenders for help. Ken survived the battle with only minor injuries.

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