Name: Kendor Khan
Title: None
Species: T’zun
Height: 1,89 m
Eye Color: Light Blue
Fur: White with black stripes (Tiger)
Special Features: Bright blue face painting
Important Objects: None
Special Skills: Martial Arts of the T’zun War Monks, use of the Ki, masterful Archer
Weapons: Nano-Bow, Honorblade
Profession: Weapons Master of the War Monks, Member of the Phantom Squad (Ghost Unit)

As one of the two heirs of the legendary Khanir, Kendor grew up with high expectations. Unlike his brother Amaru Khan, he was always conscientious and exemplary. He already had a talent for martial arts at a young age and was physically strong and agile. However, the traditions of his lineage were always unpleasant for him and he was happy to hand over most of his obligations to Amaru.

He passionately devoted himself to his life as a war monk and became the youngest member of the Red Council in Shamalyiah. He also earned the sacred right to guard the Astral Jewel for several years as a weapons master. This earned him an even higher reputation among his people.

When Carter Sanders came to Dao Prime to learn the ways of the war monks, Kendor was asked to guide him. In the following two years, he trained his new friend and protege. When he was assigned to the Phantom Squad, Amaru asked his brother to accompany and protect him. So Kendor supported the Ghost Unit on Utopia, Sopa-Kul, and Ju.

When they were caught on Porr, the proud tiger could put up with the mistreatment and torture physically well, but he fell into rage afterward and defeated General Krant in a brutal way. He lost his connection to the Ki and went with Carter on the pilgrimage path of the Khanir to purify his mind.

During the Invasion of Earth, he always fought alongside Carter and became a symbol of the abilities of the cat race.

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