Khanir was a T’zun scholar back when the cat race lived on Basura’Tanoh almost 10,000 years ago. He fought in the war when they exploited and destroyed the planet. Dao Prime was his discovery and he founded the first settlements there, the first of which was Shamalyiah. Already during the war, he had unconsciously used the Ki against his enemies, but he did not understand it.

He walked along the pilgrim path to the celestial finger and spent a long time there in seclusion. At some point, he deciphered the harmony of body, mind, and soul, which enabled his people to control the energies of the Ki. He also wrote down the basic rules of the society of the T’zun, according to which they still live.

These legendary deeds were the reason why he was called the forefather of the T’zun and his heirs were worshipped. Khanir was an interested traveler who explored many worlds. From one of these journeys, he brought back the most sacred relic of his people, the Astral Jewel. After many years he did not return from one of these journeys and no one knows what happened to him.

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