Ki is the name of the energy that the T’zun can channel through their bodies to trigger metaphysical changes in their environment. These forces range from healing and blue fire to telekinesis and the extreme increase of physical strength. The cat people have by no means explored all the possibilities of this power.

The Ki was discovered and defined by Khanir, the forefather of the T’zun. After long meditations and experiments, he realized that the power only awakens when body, mind, and soul coexist in harmony. His rules of life are a guide to reach this state. Emotions like anger, hate, greed or envy pollute the mind and soul. Even an impure body can lead to the Ki not being useable.

According to Khanir’s definition, Ki is only a form of what is known in their culture as “the stream”. It is the flow of energy that underlies all existence and whose flow direction cannot be changed. When one is in harmony with this stream, one gains access to this energy and can use it. So far, this ability is reserved for the T’zun only, since no other species has been able to use it.

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