Homeworld: Sandabar Neh
Type: Humanoid
Life Expectancy: 150 Earth Years
Body Height: Up to 2 m
Blood Color: Black
Appearance: Krodaa are also called devil people. They can manipulate fire, have long claw-like fingernails and some have crooked, fur-covered legs similar to the hind legs of wolves. They first look like humans and you can easily distinguish men and women. However, they have deep red skin and yellow or red eyes. Some have long tails with tips and thick horns on their heads, sometimes bent forwards, upwards or backward. Some even have wings with leathery membranes and black bone tips at the upper and lower ends. Overall, Krodaa are visually very individual. It is believed that the ability to manipulate fire and their heat resistance have to do with the high temperatures on Sandabar Neh. Krodaa have their biggest weak point on the belly, not on the head as with humans.

They have no religion whatsoever, the concept is completely alien to them. Morality is also not a very common concept among them. Of course, the Krodaa have laws, but their government is more a kind of union of tribes that could agree on one direction. The settlements are not very modern, there are many bars, alcohol, sex, and drugs. They are looters, scrap collectors, smugglers, and thieves. But it should be noted that they are not murderers. The killing of another being is not welcome with them. They place little value on order, which is why their settlements consist of colorfully assembled tents and buildings made of metal. They appreciate the aesthetics of the wasteland, which, combined with their survival skills, allows them to live even on barren rock and dust planets.

They are famous for their black market and strong liquor. Crime is their daily bread. When they first encountered another species thousands of years ago, the T’zun, who are completely unfamiliar with crime, there was a terrible war. They fought for several years until peace was negotiated. Since the T’zun were much better warriors, the war took place exclusively in the Krunos-System. The Krodaa learned that they were only harming themselves, so they gave in. In order to avoid such slaughter in the future, the law was passed that the criminal lifestyle of the Krodaa must not spread to other peoples. Because of this and similarly strong emotions, the Krodaa get along very well with the humans. They have often worked together since the Initiative was founded.

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