Categorie: Jungle Planet
Position: Hiron-System
Sector: Nekon-Traverse

Kunaz is the Salvani homeworld. It is humid, hot, and full of water. Oceans, lakes, ponds, basins, marshes, rivers and streams adorn every corner of the endless jungle areas on the surface. There is no other world with such a high number of different insect species, many of which are dangerous for other races.

The cities on Kunaz have a tribal structure. There are wooden houses, which stand on stilts because of the many soft floors, small bridges everywhere and the windows mostly consist of a special resin. Since the Salvani are very technical, there are electronic devices and modern systems everywhere, resulting in a unique combination. On the one hand the dark, small, round buildings on stilts with their yellowish windows and the many lights, lamps, and billboards, on the other hand, beautiful wooden bridges and ponds full of water lilies with colorful flowers.

Despite the open and inviting nature of the Salvani, there are few aliens on Kunaz who have settled there. Since the insect race also lives on the moons Zahkar and Punikah, the population density is pleasingly low.

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