Name: Kwax
Species: Salvani
Height: 1,43 m
Eye Color: Dark Green
Hair: Occasionally
Special Features: Dark red chitin armor, two pairs of wings, several scratches, voice synthesizer
Special Skills: Experienced dealer, Pilot, Shuttle Pilot, Marksman, diplomatic skills
Weapons: Various Firearms
Profession: CEO of the Karano Trading Group, weapons engineer, smuggler, black market trader, trainer, expert for Sorans, consultant of the Initiative

Kwax is a middle-aged Salvani who has seen a lot. He is excellent at judging the character of people and a cunning merchant. He has always been fascinated by weapons and decided early on to build, modify and sell them. His expertise brought him the attention of the Initiative at some point.

Due to his very specialized knowledge in the field of weapons and space ship science he was asked to work as part of an exchange program for some time as an instructor for recruits of the people on Utopia. There he met the young Carter Sanders for the first time as a teacher.

After he no longer endured working with Major Abigail Dunn, he was hired by the Initiative as a consultant due to his expertise. When he was to investigate some lorgan technologies on Nagakira, his ship picked up a Soran energy signature. It was a special bomb like he had seen only once before. He used his status as the Initiative’s representative to demand the dangerous weapon from Captain Tamara Sutherland and Carter Sanders and move it to a secure outpost of the Initiative where it could do no harm. He then worked as a consultant and expert throughout the four sectors.

Years later, he was entrusted with the task of leading the construction of a base on the planet Filos for the Initiative. Unfortunately, the planet was full of secret Lorgan training camps and all his people were killed or captured. He spent several weeks in the Krant-3 facility where he was interrogated and tortured to get information. His experience in dealing with pain allowed him to survive until the prisoners of the Phantom Squad were thrown into his cell. Together with them, he fled when Vance freed them. As soon as he was aboard a ship of Initiative, he returned to his duties and left his rescuers.

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