Name: Leena Whittaker
Title: None
Species: Human
Height: 1,74 m
Eye Color: Brown (Ocular Upgrade)
Hair: Black
Special Features: None
Important Objects: None
Special Skills: Military training, strategic talent, computer expertise, intelligence upgrade, ocular upgrade (HUD)
Weapons: Standard armament
Profession: Leader of Cybersecurity at the Securo Group, Strategic Advisor of the Phantom Squad (Ghost Unit)

Leena Whittaker was born as the daughter of a working-class family. Early on she was abandoned by her mother and abused by her father. She ran away from home when she was old enough and worked in a computer lab in New Denver for the Vinduran refugee Talanaki. There she managed to eliminate a group of racist attackers, which led to her being recruited for military service. Together with Carter Sanders, she completed basic training and developed a sexual connection with Roderick Tindall. She was not always able to fully exploit her strategic skills during training missions.

Because of her origins, the work with Talanaki and her own attitude, Leena had a deep-seated hatred against the government of Utopia. She infiltrated, sabotaged and resisted wherever she could. This repeatedly got her into trouble and almost into prison. Despite her behavior, she received an intelligence upgrade during the wave of modifications, which greatly expanded her possibilities. She followed Carter during the Lorgan attack on Utopia onto their battleship and helped save the planet. She was honored, but the praise didn’t last long.

For the third year of training, she was assigned to the global security company Securo. There she worked as a coordinator at the Homebase, where she was injured after an assassination attempt by the surviving lorgan warrior Exo-Shane. She then lived in Greystone and worked in cyber security, where she quickly began uncovering and secretly fighting internal corruption. She came into contact with the radical rebel leader and hacker F4zzer, who repeatedly obstructed her work and threatened her.

She used her leverage against the Securo leadership to blackmail herself into a leading position from which she could take action against the hacker. During this time, she became more and more merciless to gain the upper hand in the exchange of blows against F4zzer. In the end, she managed to identify and arrest her opponent. However, her activities had caught the attention of the PSU leader, the Whisperer, and he had her transferred to New Vienna as a warehouse helper, where she could do no harm.

There, she spent the following three years and used her spare time as a hacktivist with fluctuating success. It wasn’t until Carter returned to Utopia with the Phantom Squad that there was a glimmer of hope when he and Commander Miles Daniels brought her aboard the Renegade as a strategic advisor because of her talent. During the Sopa-Kul and Ju missions, she quickly emerged as a great help to the team, despite the presence of Seth.

Only on Porr did she make several mistakes, which led to the failure of the mission and the death of Miles, even though Carter didn’t blame her. Correspondingly, she remained calm during and after the Battle of the Three Worlds. It was only when the team met the Hazkan that she was able to understand the connections to the Gumai and the Synthium and help them escape. During the crash of the Renegade in Athens she was sucked out of the ship and landed in a pool. As Carter fought the battle, she sneaked through side streets and buildings to escape the Lorgan henchmen. She survived the war and remained at his side as a friend and advisor.

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