The society of the T’zun is characterized by the fact that everyone can follow his personal interests in order to strengthen the people as a whole. This way of life is only possible because of the Lifebots. They are floating robots with two arms and an oval-shaped head, which are without visible attachment on the side of the torso. They are about half a meter tall and hover at eye level.

They have a wealth of functions. They do all the work on Dao Prime and allow the T’zun to live without heavy or monotonous work. They serve as life helpers, assistants, butlers, farm workers or production workers. While the inhabitants of the planet design new things, the Lifebots implement them. They work in the factories, build buildings, take care of repairs, harvest food, and take care of all the T’zun’s needs. Each Lifebot is an independent VI platform controlled by a network of central control nodes.

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