Name: Unknown
Title: Longpaw
Species: T’zun
Height: 1,75 m
Eye Color: Green
Fur: Gray dotted (Jaguar)
Special Features: Wise, attentive, quick reaction, sense of justice, mysterious
Special Skills: Silence, theft, burglary, lock picking (physical & electronic), disappearing, melee expert, acrobatics
Weapons: Claws, Black Fog
Profession: Master Thief

Little is known about the legendary master thief of the cat race. She is unmatched in remaining unnoticed and unknown. She usually works alone and for herself, steals items and data from anywhere in the four sectors, and then often returns them to their rightful owners. Humans sometimes call her a modern Robin Hood. She can be hired, but first, one has to find her.

Longpaw was hired by the Lorgans to steal a charge of synthium from the planet during the Utopia Defensive. Later, the renegade Gumai researcher Nidor hired her to help him hide from his people. She broke into a military facility on Earth and stole some sensitive route data to prevent human patrols from getting near his hideout. This action drew the military’s attention to her and she fled to Basura’Tanoh, where she was arrested by Carter Sanders. She recognized his future, but he was not yet ready to listen to her warning.

After one year in a human prison, during which she was interrogated and not treated tenderly, she was transferred to the Crimson Void. There, she was transferred to the cell next to Carter and they got to know each other better until he was freed by the Ghost Unit.

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