Homeworld: Halog
Type: Amphibian/Reptiles
Life Expectancy: 300 Earth Years
Body Height: Up to 2,50 m
Blood Color: Green
Appearance: Lorgans appear like a mixture of monitor, lizard, and dinosaur. The male members are very broadly built and have strong muscles and thick tails with spikes. At the elbows, one bone-tip stands out in each case. Not all Lorgans have the frilled neck, but they all have many short, backward standing horns distributed over the head, three rows of needle-sharp teeth and short muzzles. Some even have a bone jag on the “nose”.
The female Lorgans are slimmer and more dainty than men. They don’t resemble dinosaurs as much but rather agile salamanders. Their scales are generally lighter with green and yellow than those of men who are dark green, dark red or dark blue. Their tails hang down less, but often stand out more clearly and the frequency of the frilled neck is much lower with them. On the other hand, the horns on the head and the muzzle are generally longer.

Lorgans are excellent swimmers, they can run fast on land on all fours and have noticeably greater strength than humans. But they also have weaknesses: In the long run, dry air is a problem for them and they can’t stand the cold. Precision is also not one of their strengths, but they prefer to use coarse melee weapons or large caliber firearms. Their society is built on the tribal principle of strength. Clans always form around strong leaders. Female Lorgans almost never take part in combat operations but provide for the security of the eggs, the nests and the offspring. The intelligence of the Lorgans is approximately on the level of humans, whereby the harsh and coarse environment on Halog leads to the fact that many customs and behaviors of the Lorgans appear brutal and violent to other species.

Humans first came across the Lorgans after starting to extract Synthium from Utopia Beta. The Halog Council declared war on them without giving reasons or motives. It is now known that the reason for this was the fear of the return of the Hazkan, who might be attracted by the synthium.

When the Initiative joined the humans, the Lorgans, despite their inferior numbers, were able to assert themselves and repel the enemy with the help of their red weapon ships. However, they lost the war when the Commander defeated them on Earth.

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