Magnus is the son of military legend Richard Sanders and was born on Utopia. He began his career in science at an early age and sought employment at Syntech. Over the years he became an expert on the rare material synthium, which only exists on Utopia Beta. After several years of intensive research, he became a high authority in the field and as a famous pioneer, he quickly became a very wealthy man.

After the birth of his daughter Zoe, he was contacted by a T’zun named Amaru Khan, for whom his father Richard had worked. He warned him of an approaching danger for the entire galaxy. The knowledge of Richard and his abilities were essential for the survival of the galaxy. So he injected his father’s DNA into his unborn son’s embryo. He then developed powerful synthium technologies for him that Syntech never saw. He directed Carter’s education and interests so that one day he would be prepared for any danger.

His wife Sarah died shortly thereafter in a failed assassination attempt on his life, which left him solely responsible for the upbringing of his two children Zoe Sanders and Carter Sanders. He had to reconcile work and family while neglecting many other things. Nevertheless, he did his best to be a good father. He developed a number of important synthium-based technologies, including all modern war-disabled prostheses. However, he kept many of his discoveries secret because he disagreed with the uncontrolled use of his inventions by the military. In the background, he financed the political opposition on Utopia, which demanded stronger regulations for corporations and better living conditions for the workers.

Throughout his son’s training, Magnus was always a contact person for Carter. He helped Leena Whittaker out of a tight spot when she was court-martialed and provided her, Carter and Rod with the best upgrades there were.

When Carter fulfilled missions all over the galaxy, he hardly saw his children anymore. He watched the developments on Utopia with suspicion, which increasingly led to a civil war. To do something about it, he formed a group with like-minded figures in business and politics to help the working class and slow down the corporations, especially Syntech. When he attended a secret meeting on Mars, they were attacked by a PSU unit and he was executed.

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