Major Banes was a soldier as long as he could remember. For many years he was the most effective soldier of the Delta Forces and carried out some impressive operations. His success rate was unmatched, but political disagreements over some upgrades to his body meant he was no longer eligible for active duty.

So he came to Camp Osilon, where he became known as “the torturer” in the following years. He was the master of the hell trail, the infamous obstacle course, which all recruits had to master until the end of their training. His teaching methods were hard, merciless and relentless, but in 80% of all cases, they worked. He was hated by the recruits, but he regarded this as a sign of his success. He knew the brutal and harsh reality of the war and he wanted to ensure that as many young men and women as possible survived.

He was the principal instructor of Carter Sanders, Roderick Tindall, and Leena Whittaker during their basic training. As a result of the forced modifications, Rod was the first recruit to beat Banes’ best time on the hell trail.

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