Commander Daniels was a veteran of the Ghost Unit and a highly respected member of the military of the Initiative and mankind. He served with devotion for many years and influenced the lives of many high-ranking personalities, such as the chairman of the Initiative, Murakah. He quickly became Commander of the Phantom Squad of the Ghost Unit and Captain of the Renegade. His eye for talent and his fatherly nature made him a very popular supervisor. Due to his field experience, he was followed without many questions.

Because of his sympathetic charisma, he was chosen to get Carter Sanders out of the Crimson Void. He carried out missions in all four sectors while the young soldier was being trained. After he had accepted him into his crew, he already recognized his abilities and potential on Utopia. He also decided to bring Leena Whittaker on board as a strategic advisor.

His experience helped them during their mission on Sopa-Kul, but he was the trigger for the flooding of the ruin on Ju, which they had to escape from. During the liberation mission on Porr, he underestimated the situation and they were caught. In the days of interrogation and torture that followed, his aged body could no longer withstand the strain and he died in the prison cell in the presence of his team. His body was salvaged after the battle and buried on Dao Prime in the manner of the T’zun in all honors.

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