Murakah is a snow leopard T’zun whose career began early as a pilot for various military forces. He was so good that even the Vindurans requested him for some missions. When he came to Nunak, he first met Richard Sanders, who was already working for the Ghost Unit. They befriended each other and remained friends until Richard disappeared.

His experience in dealing with other species earned Murakah other responsibilities and later led him to become the chairman of the Initiative and thus the most powerful person in the four sectors. Nevertheless, the T’zun always remained humorous and was repeatedly described as silly and overexcited. Behind his jokes, however, one can always see truths and hidden intentions.

Murakah met Carter Sanders for the first time at the memorial service for Miles Daniels, where he talked to him for a long time. The two got along immediately and there was mutual respect. This assessment was confirmed when Murakah witnessed Carter’s capabilities from the Initiative’s warship during the Invasion of Earth. He visited him immediately after his awakening following his victory over the Lorgans.

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