Name: Nick Chen
Title: F4zzer
Species: Human
Height: 1,70 m
Eye Color: Brown (Cyber Glasses)
Hair: Bald
Special Features: Highly gifted, rebellious character, strong desire for justice
Special Skills: Gifted hacker, sound expert, programmer, hardware expert
Profession: Chief programmer at Waver Industries, hacktivist, rebel leader

Already during his forced training in Camp Osilon Nick was always a disobedient character. His rebellious behavior earned him some time in the Crimson Void. The military released him to employ him as a cyber expert. He took care of his cousin Gina Powell from time to time. After his service ended, he found a new job. He worked his way up to senior programmer at Waver Industries in Greystone, where he developed a high-performance computer that could calculate certain effects of sound waves in real-time.

He also secretly used this computer to find like-minded workers and form them into a resistance. His computer expertise allowed him to attack the military over and over again, arming his people and harming the government. He hated hurting people, but he saw no alternative to changing the situation. One day he came into contact with Leena Whittaker, who noticed his sabotage of Securo. He warned her not to interfere, but she provoked a constant rivalry. Finally, she tracked him down and arrested him. His rebellion was severely weakened and he landed again in the Crimson Void. There he met Carter and the two made friends. They often talked and spent time together.

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